Friday, April 11, 2014

Another big art post (pretty much all sketches)!

Sketch of the one and only John Green

My characters Phil and Ollie being derps.

World of Warcraft's Sartharion

5 minute sketch of Percy from Pocahontas

Game of Thrones' House Stark portraits (aka Everyone's Favorite House but Also the One to Get Screwed Over Big Time)

5 minute sketch of llama!Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove

My character Duke

Another sketch of my dog Roady, aka "The Wookiee Bear"

My character Tangerine surfin'-- references provided by Google images

My character Duke chillin' with his guitar.

My character Jeffrey, probably up to no good

My character Bug

Reference for Tangerine

Animals wearing clothes!

My character Phil

Quick pencil animation study of my character Nemo, based off of:

More portrait studies but this time with some of the cast of Modern Family!

And that's all for now, folks!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Art Post!

It would appear that it's been over a year since I last updated my blog! Even though the blog has been gathering dust, I haven't stopped drawing. Here's a big post of a selection of art pieces and sketches that I've done since I last updated.

A gift for my friend Gaby of Toothless and their puppy Pai Mei

 My characters Dwayne and Nemo-- experimental coloring style

 My contribution to the tumblr art meme of drawing yourself as an "oni" (demon/troll)

 A looong digital art experiment in which I recreated a screenshot of Frollo (Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame) in my own style.

 Quick digital sketch of my characters Red and Anthony (in his furrier form)

 A (bad quality) photo of a project I did for a friend of mine. He wanted me to decorate his card table covering with his favorite characters.

 Detail of GLaDOS

 Detail of Psylocke and Chun Li

 Detail of Stitch

 A sketch of my very expressive dog Roady

 Some Anthony sketch studies

 Sketches of my pups, Roady and Pippin, doing what they do best

 This was a piece that I did for a little boy to color for a Christmas present. I found his mother's post on the holiday-wishes community on LiveJournal and decided to contribute. He loves dinosaurs and Minecraft, so why not combine the two?

 Sketch of my characters Dwayne and Nemo

 Sketch of Red-- figuring out placement in a scene

A present for a friend-- she loves the March Hare at Disney California Adventure's Mad T Party.

Sometimes I like to draw a hipster girl with a shark's head. Shark Girl has a hard life.

Whew! That's not even all of it, but it's a taste of what I've been up to this past year. :) I'll try not to neglect the blog for this long again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Riding Hood Character Turns

Here are my Red Riding Hood character turns from last semester; I could only find the Wolf uploaded on my blog, so I guess I never put them all up? Anyways, here they are.





It's interesting to look back at the turns and see the changes these characters have gone through just over the course of a semester. I'm excited to continue to "work" with them and see where they go.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buena Vista Street and Cars Land

This is a very late report of my last Disneyland trip in which I got a special preview of Buena Vista Street and Cars Land before the two lands opened to the public. Also, expect an art post in the nearish future!

The monorail trains all had their own "Cars" faces. It was a really cute touch. :)
The Elias & Co. building in Buena Vista Street. Everything was themed so well in that area-- it really felt like the 20s.

A cute detail on the Trolley Sweets shop.

A shot of both the ice cream parlor and Starbucks!

The new hats in California Adventure are Oswald ears!

The Buena Vista Street Starbucks has the old logo.

Entering Cars Land (not the main entrance)

The level of detail is awe-inspiring.

Luigi's Leaning Tower of Tires

They even had the flickering traffic light-- every detail from Radiator Springs in the Cars movie was there in real life!

This and the photo below are from the (long) line for Radiator Springs Racers-- the main attraction in Cars Land. I highly recommend it.

So many adorable cone creations!

Mater's Jamboree ride. Quite fun. :) It's a lot like the classic "Scrambler" rides at fairs.

My dad having a good time.

Another fun aspect of Buena Vista Street were the character actors. They were everywhere and interacted with you like you were a visitor to their town.

The trolley! I wasn't able to ride it though, as it was just on display for the preview days.

Very nice lighting for Elias & Co.

A blurry shot of Cars Land at night, but you can get an idea of the accurate neon lights. It's gorgeous all lit up.

A night shot of the Carthay Circle theatre at the end of Buena Vista Street. There's actually two restaurants within (one for the general public and another for special members-- much like Club 33 in Disneyland).